Friday, 8 February 2008


I'm feeling well knackered but I cycle in anyway. At least I have a week of recovery next week, sort of. L texts from the gym to check I've arrived. Ok so admittedly I'm a little slow replying but well inside the 9.30 limit, after which she would have called 999. She accuses me of holding off just to freak her out. As if I would do that.

One of the chaps at the gym has promised her that if she keeps going she'll soon have a body like his. That doesn't sound like a very inviting prospect. She assures me she's going to burn her gym membership card tonight.

There's mass hilarity on the internet as the Premier League announces that it intends to add an 'extra' game to the season and to play this game abroad. Everyone checks the calendar to see if it's April 1st but it appears that they are serious. It's all about money of course.

So some poor team has got to play a third match against the likes of Manchester United probably in the sweltering heat of somewhere like Cairo, the result of which could see them relegated. So going abroad to pocket perhaps a few hundred thousand quid could cost the team £40M when they go down. Hmmm. Well thought out this one. Not.

L's finally managed to blow her John Lewis voucher. She has researched her purchases well and even got a BOGOF. I'm so proud of her, it's what I would have done. She's got two new necklaces. I look forward to seeing her in them later, just them. Its enough to make me wobble on my bike.

When I get home, she's as good as her word as regards the first necklace anyway. Just waiting for my BOGOF now.

We're off to Scotland in the morning, for a week of, what looks like it will be, water skiing. Oh well. At least Doggo will get plenty of walks. So they'll be no blog for a week.

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