Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Harnessing The Power Of Legs And Cogs

Ah cycling. The harnessing of the power of legs and cogs, making split second judgements and risking death or awful maiming just for the sheer pleasure of it. I stole that quote from the Times because it's just so... well I like it. I just hope that when L reads today's blog she skips over that bit.

L's latest book is Love in the Time of Cholera, she just can't resist such a catchy title. The films out soon so she's on a deadline reading it. Thankfully it's not as thick as War & Peace. The film's got the psycho from 'No Country For Old Men', Javier Bardem, in it. Should be a bundle of laughs then, Javier Bardem and Cholera.

The wind gets up to assist my ride home. Apart from a few sideways gusts, it's a blast, literally. I dip just under the 50 minutes, so a good time as well.

I take Doggo out for a bit of man and pet bonding around the pond, running. L comes and bonds as well but she wants to extend it and do two laps of the pond. Both Doggo and I are horrified. L usually hates doing laps. This is because L has been tempted into joining me in the nine-mile race on Sunday. We don't want to be party poopers so we valiantly agree, well I do. In the end it's a bit dark on the pond to see where we're going so we do an extra loop on the road instead.

After all this biking and running I'm well knackered. I also didn't get much sleep last night. So after feasting on L's beans dish we have an early night. Well there are early nights and there are 'early nights' and this turns out to be the latter. By the time L has done with me, I'm feeling even more shagged out. Happily so.

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