Friday, 1 February 2008

Think Undies

Yesterday was supposed to be a training day for my duathlon and today a rest or tapering day. Well I didn't get any training done yesterday due to the wind so I've had to switch my days around. So basically I did my tapering yesterday and today I have to train. Unconventional but clever, don't you think. I reckon I could sell my revolutionary training ideas for a bob or two.

One problem is that snow is forecast but I don't believe them. I wonder how many schools are closed today, just in case but as I tell L, if it does snows and all the potholes fill with snow then it should actually reduce the risk of punctures. So it could actually make it safer. She doesn't seem convinced.

One place there is plenty of snow, is up in Scotland, where all the roads to the mountains are closed, which sounds promising for our holiday up there next week, if we can dig our way through.

Another inconvenience is that it is still very windy and gusting too but it was the 10-minute sleet shower that was the choker. I had to find somewhere to stop and take lots of warm layers off, then put loads of waterproof layers on instead, which took me ages. I also got some strange looks while I was stripping off.

L tells me she's going to 'bury her stress' in the undies section of M&S at lunchtime, followed by a very expensive de-stressing M&S salmon salad. Sounds great, heavenly even, for later. The undies that is not the salmon, although I have nothing against salmon. With all that de-stressing she won’t need alcohol tonight. I tell her to enjoy it and to 'think undies'. I am.

As it gets close to cycling home time, L tells me they're having a mega snowstorm in Nottingham. I'm sure she's having me on, the suns out here, everyone’s in shirtsleeves. Although it is fairly usual for all the black clouds to hover over Nottingham at this time of day. The rain/snow/sleet/hail etc tends to drop out of the sky when Daughter walks home from school or does her evening paper round. The upside is that she will have finished her paper round by 5pm, so it should be fine for when I cycle home.

L seems to be relishing a storm, I think she's hoping for an excuse to crack open the mulled wine. L's also clearly not thinking undies, she's thinking lycra instead because she's hoping the storm will leave me defrosting in front of the fire with my ever-loving collie at my feet. He'll be licking and defrosting them, L can do the rest. She's bought some new PJs, so she's obviously got something in mind. We might not get to the pub.

The bike home is in the end very uneventful. We do get a bit of rain but regrettably no snow.

Unnecessary but welcome defrosting done, we consider staying in but we have promised the dog, so we stroll down the local for two Supremes and a Legend.

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