Monday, 4 February 2008

Brass Monkey Primed And Ready

Today's a bit of a quiet day, or so it seems, after a pretty mad weekend. I have a 'pleasant' reminder of the weekend when I wake up with tried legs and a very sore left arm. I think this is from gripping the handle bars in the strong winds yesterday. L tells me this is a tactic she employs on the bike all the time, wind or not.

There's been more snow over the weekend in Scotland, in fact it's been positively Baltic up there. Sounds good, our brass monkey is primed, ready, and looking very scared. Although unfortunately warmer weather looks like it's on the way.

Doggo and I got to class in the evening and I make a point of practising tricky weave entries and still 'we' don't get it. Hmmm, someone needs extra training.

L text's to say that she's eaten early, so that she won't nod off later. This sounds promising and so it proves. After I pick her up from yoga, she lights the candles in the bedroom, slips into her PJs, and retires early. She left some tea for me, so I quickly stock up on my carbs and join her.

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