Tuesday, 19 February 2008


My ride this morning was, well, cool or rather cold. My hands were fine but my feet were not. I might need to opt for a third pair of socks tomorrow. Some of the side roads were a bit interesting too, ice wise, I slither a bit, but its all part of the fun. My clothes and hair are white over with frost when I arrive.

The traffic though was hell, so it was an excellent call not to drive. I suspect something has happened on the A52 when I see the Red Arrow in Spondon, looking like it's just come through Ilkeston. It isn't even my usual bus but the earlier one to Chesterfield. It overtakes me but then gets stuck in traffic and I leave it for dead.

I arrive at work ages before anyone else; they're all stuck in the traffic. Ha. Definitely a good call.

On the way home I notice that the road surface through Spondon has been resurfaced. The pothole that punctured me a few weeks ago is gone. They've made a very good job of it. I almost email the council to express my gratitude.

L says she's in a quandary as to what to do tonight; gym or run. I’m in a quandary too. I have to run but the quandary is over whether to take ‘it’ with me or not. Suppose I ought to, although he won’t be keen and will drag his paws. He's so slow on the first bit along the grass verges that it makes me want to tear my hair out. Suppose we ought to bond though. L offers to come bond too. Sounds good, if we can tie the dog up somewhere. L points out that if I intend to drag my paws then I can't really complain at doggo dragging his.

I'm out on the pizza and the ale tonight. My mate says he's going to fatten me up. Three pints and a bottle of Stella. Lots of carbs.

Get home to a lively L. Time to bond.

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