Friday, 29 February 2008

Suave And Sophisticated

Its Leap Year Day today, so L could propose to me this morning but instead I get a proposition of a different sort, which naturally I accept. It's more my sort of offer.

Of course Leap Year Day means that most of us work an extra day this year. The exceptions being teachers and schoolchildren of course. Where as we all get a fixed number of days holiday, they get a fixed number of days at work. Although this year the National Trust have joined them and have given their whole workforce the day off because they decided that as they're not getting paid for an extra day, why should their staff come in.

Daughter rather than being knackered after her night out was quite jovial this morning. I suppose she’s got a lot of bragging to do, having lost her mosh pit virginity last night. L says she wishes to be forever a mosh pit virgin but who knows, she seems to be getting more adventurous with every gig at the moment...

A few sniggers here as someone her has a mishap with a treadmill and comes in with a cracking bruise on their chin. Very embarrassing but it is kind of funny.

L asks whether she'll get wild or suave and sophisticated when I get home tonight. I think she's enquiring as to whether I finally managed to get the old barnet trimmed. I did but I'm not sure I could ever do suave. It's a shame I'm not on my bike today (I'm not, I'm tapering) because with the weather as it is, she'd have got wild anyway. There's also the fact that wet lycra never seems to fail. All the same I do my best to treat her to a spot of wild when I arrive home.

Friday night is dog-friendly pub night. So it's off for the usual Legends and Supremes. Later we have a bottle of Scottish 6% between us while we watch what is a poor selection of bands on Jools.

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