Thursday, 10 July 2008

Always Empty Your Squash Bag Of Half Eaten Bananas

L is doing Cardio Tennis this morning at 7am, which is an impressive time for a council establishment to be open. So, I'm on dog duty this morning, which means he gets a run around the pond, although oddly the park is open but we stick to what we know. Several people greet Doggo by name, he's such a socialite, and grudgingly greet me too.

The dog didn't look in a very good state when I left for work but it wasn’t my fault. He insisted in having a game of football in the garden after we got back from the run, so he has no one to blame but himself.

I drive in because we're at the pub today. Unfortunately, the chef is unwell and only a limited menu is on offer. So a platter ensues, sandwiches and potato spirals. I raise a glass of 'Legend' to the late John Evans.

L's back at another fitness class at lunchtime but with a different sized ball. Bodyball, I think involves balancing on a large ball whilst exercising with dumbbells. All pretty surreal.

A photo of Mark Cavendish makes the back page of the Times but the article is several pages in, naturally. Something irrelevant about Frank Lampard fills the rest of the page.

First game of squash for a month tonight and my opponent offers some wise words, 'Always empty your squash bag of half eaten bananas if you aren't going to play for a month'. Good advice. Thankfully, his kit was cowering in another compartment of his bag, so it didn't get marinated.

I do surprisingly well and lead 1-0, then again 2-1 but finally lose 4-2. Not bad though and my knee survives it.

Back home for some out of date Pelforth's. Sadly, L again is unable to source the exotic veggies for her Moroccan dish, so the tajine is postponed again. She's such a tease, still no hairnet either, but we make the most of a bad situation.

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