Monday, 21 July 2008

No Babes To Magnetise

It's the first day of the school holidays and Daughter has taken on a fourth paper round today but here's a warning for her and for anyone else doing paper rounds. A leaflet distributor for Domino's pizza lost part of his finger after getting into an argument with a letterbox in Littleover. The middle finger of his right hand became trapped in the letterbox and when he pulled it out too hard, he left part of his finger behind. It was also a bit of a shock for the woman in the house who found the lump of bloodied flesh, complete with nail, amongst her post.

I'm in the car today but L's on her bike, which as ever she finds a frustrating experience because she spends more time waiting at crossings than actually cycling. As L correctly says, you could spend half an hour easing up to the lights on Middleton Boulevard and they still wouldn't change.

Among eleven new signings Derby have signed a Polish international called Przemyslaw Kazmierczak. I wonder how many shirts they'll sell with his name on? As for the chants, they're going to be amazing.

L, my agent, seems to be on commission for entries to the Erewash 4 Mile Run on 30th July. She says it will be good training for me. She even offers to leave work early to take Mini Doggo for his second batch of jabs that are scheduled for that evening. She suggests I bike to work, then bike straight to the start and then run. Yes coach.

I print off an entry form but don’t read anything into that while L reschedules Mini Doggo's jabs, so that I can enter my race. So it's 'my' race now is it?

In the evening I take Mini Doggo in his cage to his first dogging while L is running in Derby, or rather not running... it's a short story but I won't elaborate.

The trip seems a bit traumatic for Mini Doggo and we have a little 'accident' on the way. This doesn't stop the whole class going ga-ga over him and cuddling him. It's the first time L's let me out with the new babe-magnet. There's no need to worry, there's no babes to magnetise.

Later, I sit in bed filling in the Erewash entry form but don’t read anything into that either.

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