Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Bird Feeders

Third day in a row in the car, not good. I give Daughter a lift to school which she isn't totally happy about because it gets her there far too early. Some people are never satisfied.

L tells me all about her new talking book 'South Park' or it may be 'South Riding', something about the new Headmistress helping the man of her dreams calve a cow. It all sounds terribly Emmerdale to me.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has calculated how much money people need to buy the necessary goods to 'participate fully in society'. Among these essential items are film tickets, a bottle of wine and a bird feeder. I was in agreement there until we got to the third one. Must nip out and get one...

In the evening, we head off to Daughter's parents evening expecting a 'lively' time. We've already been told not listen to anything the English teacher tells us because Daughter and her teacher are always in dispute about something. So, it was a shame that we had to disregard all the praise the teacher heaped on Daughter. The dispute was over the fact that Daughter is currently at grade B GCSE and the teacher is trying to get her to put in the extra effort to make it an A. The teacher, as teachers often aren't, just hasn't been very good at relaying this through to Daughter.

Andy Murray, as expected, gets murdered by Raphael Nadal but the boy still done good. If the draw had been kinder to him, he'd have been in the semis.

I find it hard to believe that people are slating him for losing to a man who is currently the best in the world and who I thoroughly expect to defeat Roger Federer on Sunday.

People seem to prefer the nice but dull and boring Tim Henman. In any case, Murray is already the better player. Henman could only ever seem to raise him game on the grass at Wimbledon whereas Murray is already doing well elsewhere and is more of a hard court player. This is why he already has 5 ATP titles whereas Henman when he was Murray's age had yet to win his first. Henman accumulated 11 ATP titles in his career; I would expect Murray to go past that total within the next few years. Incidentally, Henman also reached his first Wimbledon quarter-final at 21, the same age as Murray and also lost.

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