Monday, 28 July 2008

Chasing Her Tail

No sooner am I at work that the message comes through that Doggo has pulled the arms and legs off the reindeer. Oh no. He’s such a bully.

I have a couple of meetings today, which is hopefully a chance to catch up on a few Zzzz. The first one is nice and short, I even stay awake.

L is very 'up' after a session with her physio. These sessions can have an positive effect on you, I remember my sessions with the young trainee who practiced on me, she had the second coldest pair of hands I’ve ever felt, after L's of course, which redefine cold.

L sets her comeback target as a local 10k in October and promises to fly round it. Cool, I'll look forward to chasing her tail.

After surviving my afternoon meeting, it's home and then dog training. It's our final double length session and when I get home at a tardy 10.30, L is waiting with her virtual rolling pin, as she is desperate to go out and do something. I join her on a four-mile DDF (double dog free) hike around the block; we have a large block, at breakneck pace. It's exhausting but all is not lost, there's still time for late night aphrodisiacal salmon and a not so early night.

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