Monday, 14 July 2008

Enter 'Mini Doggo' Otherwise Known As Gannet

It's a bit of a shock for Doggo this morning when we open the kitchen door and he discovers that the pup, Mini Doggo, is still here. Surely, this is some bad dream and he's going to wake up in a minute. Doggo lays down a few ground rules; he won't let Mini Doggo enter the bedroom. Beyond that, I think Doggo vows to take as little notice of him as possible and simply hope he goes home soon.

My Father is in for a hip operation today and I give him and my Mother a lift to the hospital. My Father seems to be almost looking forward to his operation or more likely the social side of it. We were late naturally.

L's been to have her running checked at the NHS gym, which apparently is fine. Although she has been recommended to get a gel insert for her running shoe and she's been supplied with a stronger rubber band for her leg stretches to replace the old that's attached to one of the feet of our bed. Ha, that'll stop her escaping from me.

L goes home at lunchtime to check on her boys, who I have left in separate rooms. She says it's just like old times, when she used to come home for Doggo. It'll also get her fit, as she's nipping home on her bike. How to get your girl cycling - buy her a puppy.

Mini Doggo appears to be a bit of a gannet, well actually, a lot of a gannet. He'll eat his own puppy food and then start on Doggo's, who's always had a take it or leave it attitude to food. So we can't leave any food down or it will disappear, along with anything else that isn't nailed down, such as shoes, socks, tea towels, newspapers, balls of wool... oh yes balls of wool. Daughter is into knitting at the moment and it's great to see that she enjoys letting Mini Doggo get all tangled up in her wool...

We should finally get the much-hyped tajine tonight because I've managed to get all L's cranky ingredients from Sainsbury's. Although that long black thing, err aubergine was it, took some finding.

I head home via the dentist, £15 for approximately two minutes, a bargain. Suppose I wouldn't be saying that if he'd tried to pull my teeth out.

L's sister and her family pop round to meet our new arrival. Her kids are desperate for a puppy and I guess we're not helping. Problem is, I believe their father is allergic to dogs, so it's a case of him or a dog. Not sure if I'd win if that was the ultimatum in our household.

I have to take Doggo away from them though because it's dog-training night. Training goes on forever tonight because numbers have declined now it's the summer months. That is summer in name, not according to the weather. We are now down to one session rather than two and the session goes on until everyone drops down exhausted. Which I think most of us do this week. The tajine though is well worth waiting for.

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