Sunday, 6 July 2008

Neither Of Us Do Sensible

A phone call from L's sister wakes us up at some unearthly hour, well about 9.15 I think. She's heading round in about an hour and a half to take Daughter and her own kids to 'Kung Fu Panda'. So it's a briefer than usual lie-in and Doggo and I are on the park before midday, which is generally unheard of.

The walk on the park probably does my injured knee good but taking his ball with us doesn't, the kicking of which promptly sets my recovery well back.

When I get home, L is kitted out in a short skirt, which is a pleasant surprise. What's her game, the lie-in was obviously too short for her.

Rest though is what's prescribed for my dodgy knee and I rest up by catching up on yesterday's opening stage of the Tour De France. After that, I decide, what with the Triathlon next week, a swim would be a good idea. L ponders on whether to come with me and do a gym session. She desperately wants to but it's probably not the sensible thing to do. Of course, neither of us do sensible, so she comes with me.

Naturally, with it being a Sunday, the changing rooms are hell and I don't get a shower again. The pool though isn't too bad, doubtless because they're all in the shower, and I get a decent swim.

We're both knackered, so instead of doing a Sunday film we go for a walk instead. Doggo rises like Lazarus when he sees us putting our shoes on. We'd almost forgotten we had a dog, having not seen him since returning from the park, this morning.

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