Friday, 25 July 2008

Rockin All Over The World

I have a day off work today to setup up my dog club's own agility show, which runs for the whole weekend. I had considered taking Mini Doggo with me for the day out but the weather has turned very warm so I leave him at home. My day consists of putting up tents, constructing courses and several hours filling in holes with soil because the ground is so bad. Thrilling but necessary stuff.

I return home at teatime where every one is getting togged up, even Son, because it's L's Fathers 70th birthday bash. It's at the International Hotel in Derby. As I recall, I've been there once before. I think it was 1986 and tonight, I'm sure they play the same records they did then, in the same order. Time it appears has stood still.

There appears to be only one concession to the 21st Century and that doesn't really count as it comes from the modern equivalent of Jive Bunny, Mr Mark Ronson, and that dreadful woman covering the once decent 'Valerie'.

It's a slightly surreal bash because there's a weird mix of ages, as the room is shared with a hen night and some much older folks celebrating a wedding anniversary. It's also very hot and I, along with several others have to keep nipping upstairs for air or perhaps I've just spent too long today in the sun.

We hand over our birthday present and L's Dad is very pleased with the concert tickets that we’ve got him. The really shocking news is that we're both accompanying him. I'm shamed to admit that we're all going to the bloody Nottingham Arena, to see the 40th anniversary tour of Status Quo. OMG. At least, no matter what, it'll be a great blog.

L says he's always been their number one fan. She says that as kids, they spent many a Saturday night tucked up in bed listening to her Dad and his friends' headbanging to the Quo in the living room. I'm not sure if she's pulling my leg or not...

What's worse is, when the DJ finally gets around to doing a few requests, we get up and do a bit of a 'spread' to 'Rockin All Over The World'. L, because she's driving, even does it without alcohol.

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