Thursday, 6 March 2008

Ahhh Memories

Bit of a nightmare morning. The 7.45 Red Arrow didn't turn up, well not until 8.00, when it turned up with the 8.05 right behind it. So I was late into work this morning.

L had a nightmare morning walk with Doggo, he was particularly crap on the lead this morning. I'm planning a run with him tonight so then it’ll be my turn to be hacked off with him. No squash tonight because we couldn't find a free squash court anywhere. It will get even harder to find one once Victoria is closed.

She says she contemplating swapping him at the rescue home. I would hope she'd fetch him back when she saw his little face staring out at her from their webpage.

Pub today. Acorn Porter. Very very nice and the ubiquitous cottage pie.

Deja vu on the way home as two Red Arrows again arrive arm in arm together at the bus stop. I wonder if they've been following each other around all day.

In the evening L has booked double torture at the Leisure Centre. Abs Blast followed by a Bums n Stuff session. I look forward to soothing her aching muscles after that. I do my planned run with Doggo around the pond and then we run up to meet her. Our run included a new world record for the slowest traverse of the grass verges by a dog. Honestly I could have crawled the length of the verges on my hands and knees quicker than that dog covered the distance tonight. Sniff sniff, lift leg, sniff bloody sniff, etc etc, for what seemed like hours.

Amazingly we get there to meet L on time. When we arrive we are treated to a familiar yell of pain from the football pitches. A yell that I fondly from my football days, the sound of someone going over on their ankle on the astro turf. Ahhh memories.

One of the players asks at the centre if they have an ice pack, cue lots of running around by centre staff locating one. This is followed out into the football pitch by someone else carrying the necessary paperwork that needs filling in...

We meet L, who looks in good shape post-torture and we walk back with her.

The evening consists of a 'summit' meeting with Son who hasn't exactly set the world alight with his first batch of AS results. Luckily the crazy system means he'll get chance to re-sit them.

We spend the rest of the night in with a bottle of red.

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