Friday, 7 March 2008

Dodging The Cooking Oil

I'm up early because I'm taking my parents for our annual day out at Crufts. Our early start doesn't help much because a lorry had tipped all cooking oil over the M1/A50 junction and we end up getting sent the wrong way up the M1. We end up back where we started 80 minutes later. We take a different route this time and finally arrive at the NEC, just in time to see my club being knocked out of the team event.

The day is good but the arena becomes uncomfortably full when the hoards arrive for the Heelwork to Music competition. The traditionalists have been complaining about this because it takes the attention away from the fantastically dull breed judging. What they don't seem to realise is just how amazing dull the Heelwork to Music can be, zzzzzzzz. The Agility and the Flyball is where it's at.

L is off work today and does Gym, yoga and collects my bike for me. She's a star.

The hold up is still there on our way back and the chaos has impacted on many other roads, so it's a nightmare journey home as well.

L carbo loads me up in readiness for tomorrow, I stay AF and we have an early night, although I'm banned from doing anything that might be detrimental to my performance tomorrow. Which is a bit harsh but I cope.

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