Thursday, 13 March 2008

In Need Of Inspiration

There's no wind today, in fact it's perfect cycling weather. So what am I doing on the bus again? I must give up this silly squash lark.

There's an interesting exchange on the bus this morning. One lad was asking his mate, something that he said had been bothering him for weeks,

'So tell me why did you dump the gorgeous Kate?'

From what I can gather, her rather intriguing crime was to download an 'adult' podcast to his Ipod. When he asked her why she'd done this she said it was because he needed 'inspiration'. Seems he was so offended that he dumped her. There's a long silence then, as I think his mate chewed this over in his mind for a while, probably thinking the same as me, that she sounded like quite a nice girl. Finally he plucked up the courage to ask whether his mate knew if she was 'seeing anyone else'.

'Errr, no I don’t think so'

'So she's available then?'


'Would you mind if...'

At which point his mate moved seats. Touchy.

Today's bizarre survey discovers that 'short men are the most jealous'. Read into that what you will.

L reports that Doggo was well lively this morning and enjoyed his run with her, followed by a game of football before shagging everything that wasn't moving in the bedroom. That dog gets all the fun.

After getting the bus home I head to squash at Portland this week for a change. Rather bizarrely I twist and injure my arm in the warm up. It doesn't really effect my game though, I play ok but generally it still doesn't go well. I just can’t get enough momentum going to take a game off him.

After which I have a 'Gobble' in the Globe pub, which is a beer and is a bit of a running joke in the pub, Richard Herring would have approved.

L does upside down Lasagne for tea, I'm not explaining, but it's excellent and we have a glass of red wine with it. L is knackered and retires to bed, I join her an hour or two later at which point I get pleasantly assaulted, so she wasn't that knackered after all.

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