Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Dangerous Fruit

L is keen for me not to cycle today. It is touch windy I suppose, that storm seems to have finally set in. I take the bus and we get the really mad driver. Driving as fast as possible and blowing his horn at everything that moved or didn't.

Walking to and from the bus stop is hard work, such is that strength of the wind. It would have been one hell of a hard cycle in but judging from the direction it's blowing, it would have been a blast on the way home.

It seems my readership won't be going east. I'm getting reports of 'access denied' in Singapore. I find an article that says that a lot of blogs have infringed Singapore censorships rules, so perhaps the authorities there have blocked the entire domain. Cool, I've never been censored before.

In the news, a man who was claiming £300,000 for injury and 'adverse psychological effects and depression' after slipping over in a Marks and Spencer car park has lost his court case. He was claiming that a grape from M&S that he found on his shoe 'could' have caused the fall.

You just couldn't make it up but luckily the judge threw out the case, saying that in his judgment 'it is one of those accidents that could happen to any one of us.' Blimey, the voice of common sense but hang on a sec, the judge went on to say that he was 'not persuaded' that the substance on his shoe caused the incident. So if he had been 'persuaded' then he may have found M&S liable. Worrying.

The answer is to ban grapes, far too dangerous. Oddly enough I am munching on some right now, I shall try not to slip on them. L tells me she's just had a pear. That was pretty daring, that could have been a major incident. I’ve got some Strawberry’s in the fridge but I don’t know how brave I’m feeling... I daren’t even contemplate a banana.

Another year, another depressing budget, another year of paying more for everything for little benefit in return. Once upon a time taxes were at least partly to encourage us to form good habits but these days it's all about raising ever more money, most of which seems to go to prop up the social security system.

They've even put beer up by 4p a pint and will do so again by 2% above inflation for the next four years. He didn't even bother to pretend it would help prevent irresponsible drinking because it won't and even bragged about how much extra money it would bring in. The big breweries will make that 4p into 10p by the time it hits the pubs. So less people in the pubs, more sales for the Supermarkets and more people crossing the channel for their supplies.

I arrive at the bus stop to get the bus home, two minutes before it’s due but there’s only one person waiting so I assume I’ve missed it. Then one arrives but it’s the next bus ten minutes early, so we have to sit and wait for ten minutes. This is the wild and wacky world of the Red Arrow.

I get home and steal the car, having left my kit in it, so I don’t have to go into the house which will upset Doggo. I arrive at the leisure centre where there is a long queue and almost everyone is being turned away because Boxercise is cancelled, the gym is full, and the swimming pool is closed, due to an incident. So a wasted trip. L texts to say she’s just left work, so I head off up the road to give her a lift.

Later Doggo and I go for a quick blast at class and then catch the end of the match as Derby play Chelsea and... well I’m not going into details but they lose. Let’s look on the bright side; we scored a goal.

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