Friday, 14 March 2008


I wake up with a very sore arm from squash last night, which isn't promising with a week of sport ahead of me or for the skiing.

It’s a bit crowded in the bedroom this morning, what with four of us in there. L and me, Doggo, and Daughter who is using our mirror to put her lenses in. She does seems to be getting quicker, although I do get grief for disrupting her concentration by shaving in my own bedroom. L lightens the mood by flashing her chest at me.

Its good news that Daughter is getting the hang of her lenses, we don't want to add an extra edge to the skiing holiday, by having a progressively more knackered Daughter struggling to get her lenses in each morning. She's already got the revelation of what sun cream can do to your lenses to look forward to.

A word about the Sport Relief mile at the weekend or 'Rise to the Challenge' as its being subtitled. I mention it because every one seems to be urging everyone else to do it because it's only a fiver and it is for charity. Well it isn’t actually; people haven't read the small print. What gets me, is that they'll be a lot of people giving their time for free, as its for charity, but also they have six very big names sponsors on board in :- Sainsburys, RBS, Bannatynes Health Clubs, Highland Spring, BT and Nottingham City Council. You would have thought these companies would have met the costs so that all the entry fees could have been donated. So my advice is cut out the middle man, do your own mile around your local park and then send a cheque direct to Sport Relief.

We're off to Austria tomorrow and I check us in for our flights over the internet. Which goes smoothly.

Today of course is H-Day, Haircut Day. I'm on tender hooks as I leave for home, waiting to see how much L has got Son to have taken off.

All that remains is to give Doggo a last park session and then dispatch him to his accommodation for the week, regrettably he isn't joining us.

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