Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Dogs Are Now Banned

It's drizzling this morning, that annoying rain stuff that's not as wet as proper rain but not as dry as no rain, if you get my drift. To bike or not to bike, as usual, that is the question. Will the weather get worse or will it fine up? Oh sod it; just go for it. I do and it's not too bad.

Apparently, Doggo got a good breakfast today, Chinese in fact. Somebody seemed to have tipped most of their Chinese meal across the top of our street, it was mainly mushrooms but he managed to pick out a few bits of chicken.

L's been out yomping with the heart rate monitor on this morning. However, neither of us is sure what this tells us. L's going to look it up on internet and then she can explain it all to me.

This is worrying. L's being receiving emails entitled 'I love Donny and Jimmy's quite cute too' or something like that from her sister, who's been to see the Osmonds live. Personally, I think just saying that they were 'quite good' would have been sufficient but then perhaps I'm just a music snob.

Talking of gigs. Madskull have been in touch with me by email, which is cool, it's always good to get feedback. Apparently, they were thrilled I reviewed them and didn't even mind me referring to them as scallies who had eaten all the pies.

After work, it's still doing that drizzling thing but all the same, I head off to the pool for my swim. I go in lane two, where it's busy and I get some hard stares. I assume this is because they feel I'm swimming too fast for lane two and I should be in lane one. Yes, I could be but I'm avoiding the chap in there because he's really annoying. He'll keep overtaking me but then stop, forcing me to put myself in a position where he will overtake me again. Today I'm not playing. In any case, both these lanes are marked as 'fast', so there, if you can't stand the heat; go swim in the bikini zone.

Talking of which, I've seen the latest in lightweight sports gear down in lane four, the skimpiest bikini I've ever seen. Serious kit indeed.

Eventually Mr Annoying gets out of lane one and I move over, getting it all to myself.

Do you remember the advert 'Take two bottles into the shower'? Well there's a chap in the changing rooms who has not two but... err six bottles: - shampoos, conditioners, talc, lotions, deodorant... oh dear, what a girl. Apologies to girls.

Dog class is good; Doggo is near perfect again. This doesn't however get him an 'opt out' from the new house rule. This is that dogs are now banned from the bedroom until lights out or until they can learn to keep their paws to themselves. He's not happy with it but seems to be taking it like a man so far.

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