Sunday, 22 June 2008


L gets up to do Daughter's papers and instructs Doggo and I to keep the bed warm. It goes against the grain to not help but oh well why not. We await her return with the papers, the coffee and her good self.

When L gets up for the second time and I for the first, we go on the park. L runs while I take Doggo with his ball. We meet up and check out the Veterans Day celebrations that are taking part on there. Nothing different really, just another funfair and junk food festival, although there are a few old photos of the area from the War era but not that many.

Later I head off to our recycling centre to offload some of the old computer gear we seem to be accumulating. Our recycling centre is not a pleasant place, manned by quite threatening types. I know from work all about the WEEE directive that says electrical gear must now be disassembled and all the components recycled. So it's somewhat surprising when some tattooed chap with only a couple of teeth says dump it in a skip. Which skip? Any skip? Surely not. Don't they know the rules? Just put it down by the f***** skip he tells me. Charming. Customer service at its best. Give those council workers a pay rise. Not.

While I'm cleaning the computer room out, L is dealing with the house entropy. Yep, I've learnt another new word. The phenomenon of house entropy is that no matter how vigilant you are with cleaning, your home will always be verging on a state of chaos, dust and muddle. Not either of us are particularly vigilant and we love a bit of chaos.

I suppose like everybody I hoped that Spain v Italy would be a good game but doubted it would be. It rather predictably ends 0-0. I hate the poncy Spanish but the Italian are so boring and negative, so even I'm pleased when the Italian's lose on penalties.

L's been trying to train Doggo to 'wave a paw'. It's not, so far, progressing that well. Although I'd be being negative if I didn't acknowledge that a little advancement has been made but this pales into insignificance with the amount of sausage that has been consumed. I reckon Doggo, who can be bright when he wants to be, has worked it all out. He knows that as soon as he performs as requested the sausage supply will be turned off. Therefore, he may well string this out for as long as he can.

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