Monday, 9 June 2008

Something To Hang Daughter From

I have a day off work today because I'm expecting a man from E.On to come and change the electric meter. Naturally I don't actually believe he'll turn up but I get up nice and early just in case. So it's quite a surprise when he's outside the front door at 8am, his earliest possible appointment time. He's done the deed and gone by 8.30, so I could have gone into work but naturally if I hadn't booked the day off he would have kept me waiting all day. They're very cunning these people.

I take advantage of the power being off to try and figure out why two of our electrical sockets in the kitchen are dead. I get no closer to solving the problem instead some how I end up frying the power supply unit on my PC. At least I assume it was my fault and not just a strange coincidence that I was messing with the power at the time. Oddly I'd switched both kids' computers off at the wall but not ours.

So rather than spend the day doing a few jobs as I had planned I end up at Maplin buying a new PSU. Although I do get to B&Q as well, getting some Cotswold Stone (oh go on then... gravel) to go along the edges of the new fence, as well as something to hang Daughter from. Oops, sorry I meant something to hang Daughter's hanging basket from. Freudian slip.

Having replaced the PSU there's still no joy with the computer, it seems it's taken the hard disk down with it. So I start the long laborious process of setting up another hard disk from scratch. This lack of a computer is going to somewhat disrupt my blogging, so apologies for the delays between posts.

The whole day is made even more difficult by an impossibly clingy dog who is thrilled to have me at home. Regrettably I find it hard to reciprocate his joy. L always tells me he sleeps all day when she's at home. What's he got against me?

In the evening we visit Doggo's brother again, that's twice in three days; sometimes it goes like that with family. Unfortunately we're missing out on the adulation that we’d get at our normal class but as I say, sometimes it goes like that with family. It also gets us out of buying the celebratory chocolates, as is tradition, until next week that is.

This time we're visiting him at his training class, where his owner is the trainer. We had intending to run the three miles there but it's too hot to run Doggo so we take the car instead. Which is frustrating really because I've been resting my knee for a week now and I could really have done with trying it out.

It's what they call fun night, personally I'd call it purgatory, and it reminds me of why I quit going to the classes. That and the fact that the classes are a social call for gossipy women. Half an hour in we get down to the 'fun' part. We try and get Doggo on a skateboard, without success. Then we try to get him to do figure of eights, without success. Then we try to get him to wave a paw, yep you guessed it, without success. Soon the socialising is over and we head home.

Back home L looks like she's keen for an early night, I am too but sadly not of that sort. I'm so knackered, being at home and not doing any training is far harder than being at work and training.

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