Monday, 2 June 2008

In Need Of Counselling

I get a better than expected reaction when I tell my work colleagues of my sub-40 performance. The downside of course is that if ever there was a slim chance that I may have been invited out running with them again this has now gone. How to make yourself unpopular.

I drive in to work but L is feeling fit enough to go to the gym, presumably doing everything standing up again. This is confirmed when she lets me know that she is having to sit on her chair at work perched on only one cheek.

L tried to get Daughter a doctors appointment this morning but failed. I tell her that if they can't fit her in tomorrow then she's to quote the Government's target of seeing all patients within 48 hours to them. That may do the trick, if not she should report it to

Before I left for work I peeled yet another pair of ipod headphones out of the floor tiles in our hall where it appears they have met with a gruesome death. I take them to work and start the delicate counselling process, de-traumatising them, trying to persuade them that life is still worth living, and that not all owners are so brutal. Sometimes this works and I manage to rescue a decent pair of headphones. On this occasion they throw themselves off my desk into the wastebasket. Sadly another life has ended.

I get home and get ready to take Doggo to dog class but L's got home before me and seems to have kicked the dog close to death in the garden. He's slumped in a heap under the kitchen table recovering. If he's slow at class they'll be trouble, hang on, he's always slow at class.

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