Monday, 16 June 2008

Keep Away From The Nutella

Back to normal this week, a full week at work, no bank holidays and no days offs. So I'm in the car as is usual for a Monday and I finally get to Sainsbury's so that I can restock the fridge at work with stuff for breakfasts and lunches. This means I can cycle or run to my hearts content for the rest of the week.

I stock up with loads of healthy stuff but I don't need to do the unhealthy stuff because I have L's winnings from Sunday, her goodie bag, to work through.

In the evening, nine days after our legendary win, we finally get to dog class to enjoy the adoration. We take a box of chocolates with us, as is the custom when you have a win. Did you know you now get Bournville now in Heroes, things are looking up.

Then what do we find when we get to class, not one, not two, but three other boxes of chocs on show. Obviously a good week for wins. It’s just like the Red Arrow, none for ages then they all come along at once. Naturally, our win was the most impressive.

L is at gym and we collect her on the way home where I hit the posh nosh, fish finger sandwiches.

L has been reading and has now just finished Glasgow spendaholic Alexis Hall’s book 'In The Red - The Diary of a Recovering Shopaholic'. The self-confessed shopping addict racked up credit card debts of more than £30,000 before she realised her outrageous spending had to stop. L says she makes her look like a saint. I think the book offers several bit of advice, so I hope some of it rubs off on L. Although I did read that the author has been known to take solace in a jar of Nutella. Not good advice!

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