Friday, 25 April 2008

A Day For Nutters

Tapering on the bus today.

I read in Cycling Weekly that due to the recent bad weather someone claims to have recorded 105km non-stop on an exercise bike. The chap reports that his knee went at 75km but he carried on. He says it's a good job he stayed in or he'd probably be in some ditch with his legs sticking out a bush. Hmmm. 105km on an exercise bike? Why?

There are some characters on the bus on the way home. First we have to put up with a young art student on her mobile. You could tell she was an art student from how badly she was dressed. I also reckon she used to be quite pretty once, before she decided to put all that metalwork in her face. I was surprised it didn't interfere with her mobile reception.

Thankfully, at least at first, she is drowned out by a real 100% nutter. At first he's entertaining as he starts telling some poor chap about how good the bus service is before seamlessly changing subjects several times to take in the creation of the diesel engine, motorcycle despatch riders, how it was better when cars had their engines in the back, oh and all sorts of inane stuff I've since forgotten. In the end, we were all wishing metalwork girl would talk up a bit louder to drown him out.

No lycra and no aches to be massaged tonight, cheese on toast and a run to Beeston instead. The Grantham Stout and the Adnams Broadside are equally impressive, so to be fair, I have equal amounts of both.

Must be a day for nutters because a bloke in the pub tries to befriend me, and anyone else he can persuade, in his quest to borrow someone's mobile phone. He doesn't seem to have any success and eventually slopes off but not before he's spent a fair amount at the bar, money he could have put into a pay phone... I smell a scam.

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