Saturday, 12 April 2008

Pack Of Cards

I stay over in Bingham and head back home in the morning. I'm running a bit late because I have a busy morning planned, and its 10am before I get home. Doggo needs kicking and we need to stock up on stuff from the local Farm Shop at Clipston-On-The-Wolds but first I need to catch up with L, who is thankfully still in bed.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. I'm not even going to try and put Derby County 0 Aston Villa 6 in to print. Oh go on then, oddly we were the better team for the first 25 minutes, then the goalkeeper let in a howler, the pack of cards collapsed and the rest as they say is history. The only thing worth saying was that the home crowd were treating it throughout as if we were the ones winning. The Villa supporters really didn't know what was going on.

My Dad’s been told he probably needs a new hip and knee. Oh dear. These operations don't usually seem to work. Although he gets a different story from each person he sees. Suppose that's the idea behind ‘choice’ in the NHS, so that you can pick and choose which diagnosis you like. They've given him a cortisone injection in his knee first and that seems to have done the trick for now. L reckons that'll be her soon. She can get in the queue; I bet I’m there first. Both my left knee and right thigh are playing up this afternoon.

In the evening we head off into town, aiming to try out a new bar that's been touted as something special. It's called Moog and has been recommended by L's hairdresser, who apparently knows a good place or two. Its website makes it sound interesting. It says they have a ‘serious’ drinks collection. I wonder if that includes dark Leffe or real ale. Probably not.

In fact it's worse than that. The place is just a typical run down pub with a few lagers on the bar and seemingly nothing much in bottles either. The ‘serious’ drinks are probably just the list of cocktails they have. Very disappointing, we don't stay, instead we head to the Dragon for a Broadside. Another recommendation by the hairdresser, but a better one. After that we head to Broadway, where there's only one beer on and that's the rather dull Alcazar ale, so we have a couple of bottles of dark Leffe instead. Followed by a couple of bottled Cobra's when we inevitably end up at a curry house.

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