Monday, 7 April 2008

Not Speaking

I'm last out of the house this morning, well last of the three of us have full-time work/school to go to. Doggo is not at all keen on being left and decides to have a sit in, in the lounge, and on the settee no less. So after giving him a few stern words, we’re not speaking, again. L's left early to hit the gym, where she says she's working on strengthening her knees, which I thought is what I got her working on yesterday afternoon. Perhaps that's why she's working on them.

An update on the situation concerning Victoria Leisure Centre. Just before Easter the council seemed to come around to the opinion, shared by everyone else, that Nottingham cannot afford to lose another leisure centre, well at least not this one. They have agreed to provide a new modern replacement centre. Either this will be on the same site or somewhere else that side of the city. The existing centre will now stay open while proposals are drawn up. Suddenly they seem to have found £5-7M to invest in this. That’s an awful lot of money to suddenly find under the sofa.

After work I take Doggo on the park with his ball. The park is returning to being a rubbish tip again after being briefly improved by being targeted as part of this year's 'Big Spring Clean'. Which is odd because whenever I'd raised the issue of rubbish on the park, the council had told me that there wasn't a problem and that the park litter was picked up daily. This isn't what our 'Portfolio Holder for Environmental and Climate Change', yes we have one of those, not sure why, said the other week. She said that 'Wollaton Park is an area that has been highlighted as a rubbish hot spot'.

On the park, Doggo is a total pain and traipses all the way across the field just to rendezvous with some girl dog. Just for a sniff obviously, he hasn't got a clue about anything else and his hearing seems to be malfunctioning, so we're still not speaking.

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