Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Oh Please Not Porridge

I get out of bed and chuck £30 at the girl that I leave behind in there. That should be enough to fund her next fix. She'll be off down Rock City like a shot to get her next set of tickets before you can say 'Goo Goo Dolls'.

More bike trouble this morning. That is 'bike trouble' as in 'someone on a bike'. Today it's more serious, mountain bike trouble, a very quick one at that. He takes some dropping.

Once in the safe sanctuary of work, I have my headphones on so, I don’t hear L's 'are you alive' text and get reprimanded for being a 'tad slack' responding, close to 999 time apparently.

Today's scare story is that vitamin pills shorten your life. Hmmm more rubbish research; surely they mean the types of people who are going to take them are going to have shorter lives anyway. The pills are pointless though, like statins they’re often used as an excuse for a bad diet. Also, who would seriously opt for a Vitamin C pill rather than a glass of orange juice?

L wonders what will be off limits next week, as she's into her porridge at the moment, she reckons it could be that. Oh please not porridge. I practically live on the stuff at the moment.

The Hoosiers are at Nottingham's Trent FM Arena tonight. Never heard of the place, where's that then? Turns out they've renamed the Ice Stadium again, why don't they just call it what it is. An Ice Stadium. It's by 'invitation' only and the place is being transformed into a ‘local’ to give it a real intimate feel for the 600 invited guests who will get to watch the band at close quarters, apparently this will make them the envy of millions of fans worldwide. Ha ha ha. What a load of garbage. Who dreams these things up? The Hoosiers have just played a massive UK tour in intimate venues. So why would anyone bother putting something like that on in such an un-intimate place. 600 people in a place that holds 10,000, how intimate! Why didn't they just rent the Rescue Rooms? Of course silly me, it's not called the Trent FM Rescue Rooms, well not yet.

I bike to the pool where again the only space is in lane one. As it happens, when I get in, the two other people get out, so for a few minutes I have it to myself. A girl psycho joins me but we're about the same pace, so that's ok. Then a non-psycho chap (silly shorts) joins us but he keeps out my way too. I do 30 lengths, without stopping, and crawl out of the pool.

Dog class. Our trainer is ill, so they draft in a replacement, who also cries off ill, so somebody else has to step in. It's a right tricky course, which we do well on. It's a shame no one will ever confront us with something so difficult in an event.

Home for salmon and blue cheese, one of my favourite combos. Talking of favourite combos, L's in 'those' shorts tonight.

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