Wednesday, 23 April 2008

S&M Night

Not a good cycle in today, I'm having problems with my gears again. I can't get into any gear other than the really low ones. So it was a really slow ride because on the downhills and the flats my pedalling couldn't keep up with the speed of the bike, so I had to free wheel until it slowed down. Just to rub it in, it starts to rain on me, and I had to stop to put waterproofs on.

Tried to do a self-assessment on the internet, never a good idea, it looks like my rear hanger may have gone. Not that I know what one of those is. So it looks like another trip to the bike shop.

Bet L's jealous that I didn't manage to get any speed up, she says she doesn't do speed. She certainly won't if she gets the trailer she's mentioned today because she can't fit all her assorted sports kit into her backpack.

Daughter is off bowling next week, which isn't a story in itself but she was last seen gathering together the fee for it, £2.50 in 5p, 2p, and 1p pieces into a large carrier bag. So she'll be popular when she delivers that lot.

I limp my bike to the pool where it's very quite in lane two, so I eagerly leap in. Then I realise why everyone's in the other lanes, the only other occupant in my lane, is an old-ish chap in low-slung shorts, who looks like he's going to lose them at any moment. It's not a pretty sight.

Dog class, perfect weaves of course. Except for on our last run, when he gets them but it was close. So I decide to redo them at which point everything falls apart. Quit whilst you're ahead, springs to mind.

S&M tonight. As its St George's Day, we thought we ought to do something traditionally English. So Sausage and Mash it is, with onion gravy. Almost as English as Chicken Tikka Masala, but we didn't fancy that.

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