Friday, 18 April 2008

The Red Arrow Hits Facebook

Doing a bit of a taper today, so on the Red Arrow. I hear a couple of people discussing the Red Arrow's facebook page. Surely not but I get to work, check and yep the Red Arrow does indeed have its own Facebook account.

I'm not sure if that's sad or cool.

Doggo is up to something. He's spending longer outside than usual especially for a dog that prefers to be indoors in the warm. He's even delayed coming to bed in the evenings on occasion, which is most strange. This morning L caught him munching on something, possibly a bone. Now we have a suspicion there's a body buried in the bushes in our garden.

Again I forget L was on her bike, as it's taking a lot of getting used to. Yes, she informs me, she is alive.

She'd clocked up 34 miles for the week by this morning and then she completed the remaining 16 to take it up to 50 by doing a long route home. So she's feeling very smug or she would be if I hadn't pointed out that her bike computer is working in kilometres. So she's now not quite such a smug bunny nor a happy one.

In the evening we run to Beeston for a beer, although I'm not sure if this is wise or not because of the race on Sunday. The advantage is that it gets us there and back quicker and I do have to get up early for a dog show tomorrow.

They have a Stout called Mr Toad, which is rather wonderful, a rarity as it's from the unadventurous Castle Rock. The XXXB was rather top notch too.

I endeavour not to have a few too many like that Russian chap did. He probably thought he'd succeeded in hiding the facts behind his 'wild night out' from his wife, after managing to get the bus home, make himself the traditional midnight snack, and successfully get in to bed to sleep it off. The one thing he'd forgotten to do was to remove the knife from his back. I would like to have seen his wife's face when she rolled over in the middle of the night, put her arm around him, and discovered the handle sticking out of his back.

His 'friend', who has admitted to stabbing him during a disagreement, was quoted as saying "We were drinking and what doesn't happen when you're drunk?"

Quite. He's ok by the way, the knife missed all vital organs, but it was obviously quite a night.

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