Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Positively Reckless

April dawns with the sound of rain on the window, which isn't at all promising for those of us who want to bike today. It does ease though, so I give it a go. My legs are still very sore and L advises me to take it easy but then she always says that. For once, I mean, as I always do, I take her advice and 'spin' in a low gear all the way, doing what they call a 'recovery' ride. It goes well, apart from the head wind. That is until someone overtakes me. That's the last time I listen to L. The chap even has the gall to wait for me at the lights for a chat.

I dodged the rain but L got soaked. I think the climate changes once you get over the hill at Risley. She says she got so wet she had to change into her skirt. It appears that recently she's being staying in her jeans at work. Here's hoping the same thing happens on the way home.

She's been for a swim and there were only eight of them in the pool. Hmmm, bet they'll be more like thirty-eight in there when I go on Wednesday.

A lot of today's blog is about Daughter, so I'll be in serious trouble when she reads it. I'm already in trouble for suggesting she went to see 'Lars and the Real Girl' because it had a sex doll in it. This is apparently not true. I don't know why she's so touchy; it's why I went to see it.

Daughter reckons she's sinking under the weight of her homework and has requested permission to fake her own death. It's funny but we never heard those sorts of comments when Son was doing his GCSE's. He gave us the impression that homework was designed to be done in the half-an-hour between finishing his paper round and catching the bus. I'm sure Daughter's more meticulous approach will pay dividends in the end.

It's been RE homework for most of the past week, comparing the books of Genesis or something like that. Sounds like a bundle of fun.

I'm not sure it would have helped her mood when her year group were told that the injections that they had the other day were the wrong ones and they'd been re-booked for further jabs next week. Ha ha, April Fool! Would have liked to have seen their faces.

She's also had a problem with one of her contact lenses ripping, although these things happen. Her father helpfully suggests putting them in the fridge so that they last longer. I can't see that being a good idea, I'd hate one to turn up in my yoghurt.

I knew this would happen; yesterday some cancer organisation was on the radio saying that eating processed and preserved meats increases your cancer risk. So today, by the time the sandwich vans gets to us, yes you guessed it, all that is left is sandwiches with processed meats in them, so I can't have my usual chicken salad. There’s a mini scrum when I spot one solitary chicken tikka roll right at the back. Like a flash, I'm first to it.

By 5pm the wind seems to have got stronger outside. L thinks this is because she's vowed to go out on her bike tonight. I hadn’t thought of that, I assumed it was doing it to spite me, tired legs and all. I pass on to her some words of wisdom that were given to me, ‘be careful, take it slow’.

I start the ride home and the wind isn't that bad. Also my legs are feeling a lot looser now, so I take the hilly route via Ilkeston.

I get home and L drapes herself on the bed, I fear this is a trap. I’m sure she’s hoping I’ll take the bait and this would get her out of her cycle ride. I'm strong enough to resist and in any case I need to do a training run, so I strap Doggo into his harness and off we go. I avoid the pond because I can’t cope with the trauma of getting him across the grass verges where all the nice smells are. So we just circle the park. It goes fairly well but my legs still ache, so I stop occasionally. I also have to stop because at one point I get stitch, which rarely happens to me. At least I hope its stitch and not a heart attack.

I get home and wait for L to get back. Expecting the cycling to have put her in a bad mood but no, she's surprisingly cheerful. I interrogate her bike computer to make sure she's actually been somewhere. In fact she's done 22km, not bad and clocked up a maximum speed of 44kph, which is positively reckless.

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