Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Positive Feedback

L employs some pretty underhand tactics to try and get out of our pre-planned run this morning, which at 6am is pretty impressive from a girl who doesn't do mornings, but it isn't going to work. So much for her being my agent. I have to take on my other role as her fitness coach and rise above her diversionary strategy and take her around the pond.

Almost come a cropper going around the pond, nothing to do with tired legs or the uneven ground, it's just that there are dogs everywhere. At times you just don't know where to put your feet.

It seems to do the trick with Doggo. After having his edges knocked off, he's a saint on his paper round and then when I leave work, he vacates the bed at only the second time of asking.

L's quiet on email. I wonder whether she's nodded off, I nearly did on the way here. Which is why I don't like running and then driving to work. In the car again today because it's D-day at Son's college tonight, e.g. parents evening.

My legs seem to be back working again after Sunday and L says her knee is fine apart from stairs, kerbs, and yoga. Which doesn't sound that fine to me. Oh and kneeling, her physio has banned her from kneeling. So no grovelling this week.

Son's parents evening goes much better than expected. Well the first miracle was that we got to go at all, as Son was hoping we'd missed it and was even more put out when he realised that he was supposed to accompany us.

I half expected the lecturers to ask us to take him away and not bring him back, as on the surface it hadn't gone well, and we hadn't been getting much positive feedback from Son. Well actually we hadn't been getting any feedback from Son unless shrugs and tuts count. His lecturers though were generally enthusiastic and very positive about the whole thing. It's just a shame that none of this enthusiasm and positivity rubs off on Son, particularly as it's only 19 days to his first exam.

Get home in enough time to take Doggo on the park, although we have to leg it to get out before they lock the gates, five minutes early of course.

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