Wednesday, 2 April 2008

My New Dog

L was asleep last night before I could get anything out of her but in the early hours she woke me up when she threw an amorous arm around me. It seemed like a good opportunity, too good not to be seized. Although L later denied the provocation.

I'm keeping up a tough schedule and cycling again today although I feel it may end up with me crawling into work. In the end though it was actually quite painless, much easier than yesterday but I’m sure I’ll have slowed to a crawl again by this evening.

I've mentioned before that my musings seemed to be banned in Singapore, well L's been emailing extracts to her sister who lives over there and now she's signed her up to receive my blog by email. (This can be done by clicking on the link top right). So just like when Daughter signed up, I've got to really watch what I say now. I think response is favourable, as she seems impressed that I know a few big words; I think that's a compliment, but she wonders why Son doesn't get mentioned very often. We don't see him very often, he could fake his own death, and I'm not sure we'd know.

L has bought a book on the history of contraception. Don't ask why. In fact I'm not totally sure why myself. All the same I shall put it on my long 'must read' list, along with all my other books. She says we can flick through the pictures together tonight. Oooh. She didn’t tell me there were pictures too, it could be quite a night or not. It appears that the pictures are of Greek vases, herbs and photos of Marie Stopes and Geri Halliwell. It sounds like a mighty strange book.

My legs are nearly back to normal and I practically bomb to the swimming pool. It's busy, not quite the thirty-eight people I predicted, but there's still a lot in there. I do thirty lengths and escape.

L gets home just after me and goes off on a run. I take Doggo to class. He's pretty good again which is a very bad omen for the event we have on Saturday. He'll probably stuff it up deliberately now because at class somebody asked me if I would run their dog for them. It's a very fast dog and its owner can't keep up with it. She thought perhaps I could. I was delighted to have a go but Doggo was not at all happy when I ran off with another dog at my side, a girl dog at that. We fair flew round; it's so odd handling a quick dog, no offence Doggo. I was surprised I managed to cope with it but I did. I'm sure together we could win grade 5. I want one. Sorry mate.

Home to L and we take a whisky to bed, a very large one, because, after a hard day, L looks like she needs it, but we forgot to go through the history of contraception.

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