Wednesday, 30 April 2008

The Old Dinosaur

They say to be an 'urban' cyclist you need a fancy bike and a death wish. Well today I have considerably less of the former and much more of the latter because I cycle to work today on the old dinosaur, the bike that was previously tethered in part-retirement in our spare room as our turbo trainer. I have to say that riding to work on it was not the most brilliant of experiences. Firstly, I had to return home for a quick mechanical adjustment because the seat was too low so. It still wasn't right though but I didn't really have time to play with it. Not only was the seat still too low, it was also loose and pivoted backwards and forwards at will. As for the gears, they were no better than mine, and mine are full of road salt. I arrive at work with very sore knees which serves me right for not taking the time to set it up properly.

L chirpily emails to find out how it went and to ask whether I've made a decision on Caythorpe yet. Oh I don’t know. I’m in such turmoil. I don’t think I can do it on Dino, the debate now is whether I can do it on L's bike or not. As L points out I wouldn't look particularly intimidating with straight handlebars and trainers. She says the word 'novice' springs to mind. Ahhhhhhhh, she shouldn't say things like that.

A couple of chaps from work went out running after work last night, perhaps I've inspired them. They reckon they were doing 8-minute miles. Now they’ve gone and asked me if I could pace them round at a faster pace. Fame at last. Of course pacers never hit the pace that they’re supposed to... They could regret asking...

One of them wants to do a bit of running before he ‘retires’ from it at 40. He says you're not expected to be fit when you get to 40, you’re just not allowed to be fat. Sounds like he's having a crisis before his mid-life crisis.

I ride Dino home but I skip the swim, I'm not sure my knees could take battling with the psychos as well and by now my arms are starting to ache too. I will go tomorrow; I don't have squash tomorrow.

The fact that I get to eat two meals tonight cheers me up a touch. Daughter is off out and is dining in 'style' at the bowling alley, so I have hers but then L cooks daal for us both later. I need to keep my strength up. In between meals, I have to hobble through dog class. Where, as you can imagine, Doggo's weaves are perfect, but of course they won't be come Saturday.

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