Thursday, 17 April 2008

An Under The Table Offer

Feeling very tired but needs must, so I bus and run in from Borrowash again. I forget my Ipod and as my fellow passengers don't provide any entertainment, I have to read the Metro. Which isn’t a good way to start the day.

My time is ok, I suppose, not quick. Feel well knackered and apparently look it as two colleagues helpfully tell me. Perhaps I’ve overdone it this week. L suggests we skip the planned run to the pub tomorrow. We'll see, tomorrow’s another day, as they say.

What's this? L's sending me pictures of girls in tennis skirts. That's nice of her but hang on a sec, I can't use those as windows wallpaper, it's her sister's tennis team. Divisional champions no less. I was going to mention this feat earlier but she referred to my blog as sordid, so I didn't but I've got over that now.

We head to the pub for lunch and we're all set for Steak and Ale pie when we get an 'under the table' offer. Shhh, keep it quiet, I've got some cottage pie but I haven't put it on the specials board yet. That'll do nicely. Goes well with my Titanic Stout.

After work I jog/walk into Derby and get the Red Arrow home. I arrive home in time to spend all of ten minutes with Doggo and do a quick kit change. Then I drive to squash to find that I'm without an opponent. I ring him and catch him just as he's about to leave his house. The conversion goes something like "Well?", "Ah its 7.45 isn't it?", "Err no 6.45", "but you emailed me to say it was 7.45... just rechecking my email now... ah oops... you did say 6.45 didn't you?".

So no squash this week. I go down on my knees and thrown myself at the mercy of the two evil looking women on reception, hoping they won't charge me for a 'no show'. I have after all turned up. Thankfully they rebook us for next week free of charge, and just to make this clear, at SIX-FORTY-FIVE. I tell him to write the time in blood on his wall. He promises to do a 3k treadmill session as penance. 3k, it should be at least double that to count as a punishment.

His loss is Doggo's gain and we get to slot in a ball session on the park. He's thrilled, although we have trouble getting off the park as by the time we leave most exits are locked and a horde of rather aggressive looking female deer are blocking the only exit, funny that it's always the females who are the belligerent ones. They keep stalking Doggo and eventually we end up rolling under the fence to escape.

Home to L, who's cooked something that's very beef risotto-ish but I'm not allowed to call it that because it's got a posh name and I can't remember what it was. It's very nice and we have a couple of glasses of red with it and then take the bottle to bed for an early night.

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