Thursday, 10 April 2008

Strange Looks From The Sedentaries

There's a bit of drizzle in the air but I risk it, get the bus over to Borrowash, and run along the river to work again. I'm doing this extra training in what I'm sure will be a vain attempt at getting under 41 minutes and preferably under 40 (in my dreams) at the Derby 10k next weekend.

I'm already getting annoyed with the R4, all the customers were the very same people again as on Tuesday. Which is very boring and they're all on their own, so there's no gossip. I might have to start picking up the Metro at this rate. It's just not as stimulating as the Red Arrow. To top it all, the bus was the wrong colour this morning, it was red when it was supposed to be blue and I almost missed it.

The run itself was very pleasant again, almost as good as cycling or perhaps better but I'm really not sure. Two minutes quicker than yesterday and I ought to take a bit off that because I had to stop to adjust my bag and didn't stop my watch. All the same definitely faster which is a good job because I've re-measured the route and its still 7km, well 7.1km if I'm being precise.

L was going to run herself this morning, with Doggo, but changed her mind, everyone's going 'dog free' at the moment, I wonder if he's got the hint yet. L's been having a bit of a knee problem but now she's found out that you can self-refer yourself to the NHS for physiotherapy without going through your GP. She's got an appointment already. I reckon this is because they’re allowing the physios to cherry pick what customers they want. So if your weight has caused your long-term knee problem then you go to the back of the queue but if you’ve a sporty type who just wants to pop in for a quickie, then come on down. My sort of philosophy.

Her appointment is the day after the Derby 10k, so it's pretty good timing too. I wonder if they'll have room for me; I've a feeling I might need it.

After work I jog into town to get the Red Arrow, where I get some strange looks from the sedentaries because I'm in my running kit. I arrive in time for the earlier bus but still two turn up at once. Honestly, if Red Arrow's were female they'd be in the little girl's room powdering their noses together. The first one is packed but naturally they keep the second one locked. I sit next to this power-dressing woman who's reading a book on Rudolf Nureyev. I realise I don't smell particularly pleasant, but in my defence, I have ran a fair distance today. Luckily she's layered the perfume on that thick she doesn't notice and hopefully she's masking the rest of the bus from me as well.

I get off the bus at Queens and walk down to meet L and Doggo who are on the park.

Squash goes ok. The heat isn't so bad this week and we have a close match. Despite that, all the big points seem to go the wrong way and I come away on the wrong side of a 4-1 score line.

The pub has Beartown Bear Ass 4.0% which is dark, very nice. My opponent, who is on the juice, is very annoyed that I've got a dark beer. They're also selling off the beer from last weekend's beer festival at £1.50 a pint, which I'd avoided, thinking they might be 'on the turn' if they've had them on sale for a week. There are two beers left; one from Kinver at 5.2% and another one from somewhere else at 7.0% and both are very dark. My opponent cracks and has to have a Kinver. Not wishing to leave him to drink alone so do I. It's very nice.

L says she's not cooking tonight and has instead got pate and cheese from the deli. Which sounds great, the pate and cheese, and also the fact that it sounds like she's after something. She's on the red wine when I get home and she doesn't look particularly lively but I'm wrong about that. I save the cheese and pate for half time.

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