Thursday, 1 May 2008

Still Undecided

We do the pond run this morning, just Doggo and I. L's overdone it with the dangerous sports, too much yoga. We break our own record for the slowest traverse of the grass verges. I have to wait so long for the blessed creature that I have time to make three new friends, all of who seem to wonder why I'm stood there with a dog lead in my hand but no dog.

I'm on the pub run today, so I'm in the car for the second time this week, which isn't good.

L seems terribly keen for me to do this Duathlon, pushy even but I’m still undecided...

Looking at last years results, I could get well inside the top 10. That is on a good day and with my own bike but that's in for repair at the moment, so I would have to do it on L's bike and in trainers. Although that could be the way to go for Duathlons as it saves time in transition but as L points out people would think I was a novice.
There's also no t-shirt but it is only £15, practically free. Hmmm. Decisions, decisions.

However I’m also getting fed up of AF Saturdays. If I had my bike I’d definitely do it but I'm just not comfortable doing it on another bike. In fact it might be better to save it for a proper attempt next year when I've got my bike back or even got a new bike. That's it decision made, no duathlon, we're off for a wild Saturday night out instead.

Lunch, cottage pie as usual and a very nice beer from Burton's Black Hole, 4.2%

Someone has opened a book on the weight of our director's new baby; winner takes all. As I have absolutely no idea how much these things weigh I'm at a distinct disadvantage. I'm not even good with weights of apples and stuff in Sainsbury's. Ah, I know, I'll check Google. Apparently 7.5-8.5 pounds is about average. So I punt for the lower end of average. I can't imagine him having a 'bouncing' baby.

After work I drive to the pool, L is there in the gym, avoiding the pool which means it's probably full of psychos. It's not a session where the whole pool is laned like it is on a Wednesday, so all the proper swimmers have to cram into the two lanes which they do put out. Somehow and it wasn't deliberate, I end up in a lane with three women. One of them insists on swimming backstroke down the middle of the lane, not looking where she's going. I collide with her twice and she also refuses to stop to let me past when I catch her up. The other two are more accommodating but I am fascinated by the girl in the bikini. No not for that reason, well not just for that reason. She's actually swimming quickly, which is odd for someone in a non-sporty outfit but she appears to have a length of rope attached to her bikini bottoms, which is very odd. Every time I swim past her, I have a good look to try and figure out what it is, without success. I hope she didn't think I was eyeing up her bottom.

I give L a lift home and she joins Doggo and I on the park. L, bad girl that she is, suggests we come home via the pub. Naturally I daren't argue with her and we have a couple of beers from the Vale Brewery which are very nice.

Back home, I cook a curry, while we get a little more sloshed.

Oh, I forgot to mention. Just before I left work, I got a phone call... from the bike shop... my bike’s ready. Bugger. I’m still undecided...

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