Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Cleat Failure

I cover the bed in £10 notes for L, which she scoops up and takes to her dealer in the Rock City box office.

L runs into work, along her canal route, clearly she's still trying to outdo me. I cycle to work and it goes ok despite the fact that I've been having problems with my cleats all week. I think they're worn. If you don't know what cleats are, then I'm sorry but it would take too long to explain, but needless to say this is a potentially embarrassing problem. The last thing a cyclist wants is cleat failure and to topple over at the traffic lights. I performed some surgery on my cleats last night and they're a little better but I still have to be careful what I do with them.

Unlike the other week in the pool, when we had a chap who was losing his shorts, this week there's a girl who looks like she's about to lose her top. This was having the opposite effect, rather than emptying the lane, it was filling up fast; the phrase 'bees round a honey pot' springs to mind. Odd that women claim they don't like men staring at their chests when most of the time they're doing all they can to show them off. Mind you it made lane 1 very quiet, so I moved over into there. Where there's just me, and a chap in rather dubious shorts... oh no... not again.

I skip tonight’s dog training. We have a double header this weekend and I don’t want to overdo it with Doggo. I manage to summon the energy to take him on the park instead.

Afterwards I feel I ought to watch some of the 'big' game. The media seems terribly bothered by it but I've yet to speak to any real people who are interested. The good thing I suppose is that an English team will win no matter what, which is always good; the bad thing is that it's going to be Manchester United or Chelsea. When I say an English team, I mean a team named after a place in England rather than a team of English players, just thought I'd clear that one up.

I catch the last ten minutes and its 1-1, so it goes into extra time. So I go check some emails and come back ten minutes from the end of extra time. It's still 1-1, so it's penalties. Cristiano Ronaldo misses and practically bursts into tears, which is hilarious. Not that I'm favouring Chelsea because it's equally funny when John Terry slips on the wet turf and his effort hits the post. Wouldn't it be good if they could all miss, that would be priceless TV. Ashley Cole scores (bet Cheryl wasn't surprised to hear that) but then Nicolas Anelka cheered us all up by missing. Funnily enough, not even his own team mates went to console him. What it is to be Mr Popular. Unfortunately that meant it was all over and Manchester United had won. Shame.

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