Saturday, 3 May 2008

Game On

Shrewsbury Dog Show today. Our first event isn't until 11am so I don't rush.

Our first run is a grade 5-7 agility course, which because it includes grade 7 (the top level) should be a real toughie. It should be a genuine challenge which is why lots of people, like me, have come here as opposed to going to one of the other events that are on today where they're running 'easier' grade 3-5 courses. The judge though, hasn't read the script and sets something that a grade 3 wouldn't have any problems with. Frustrating.

None of this matters of course, if you've got a dog that's off weaving at the moment. Doggo enters the weaves ok, hurrah for that, but he comes out after 10 of the 12 poles. Which is another old quirk of his resurfacing. After that he's rubbish on his contacts and I abort the run before the finish. It's not often I do that.

Our second run is better, in fact, it's a whole different ball game. It's 5-7 jumping but a proper challenging course this time, a different judge setting a course worthy of the grading. Only 6 weaves but done to perfection, nice tight turns and a clear round. An excellent run and my Dad has even caught the whole thing on video, rather than just part of the run interspersed with aesthetic shots of sky and grass. We get 12th place, which is out of the rosettes but still I'm pleased.

Our final run, 3-5 agility and therefore meant to be easier, goes ok until the last but one obstacle where he misses his dog walk contact but it's still not a bad run.

I can proudly say that Derby County have set a new record. After losing 3-1 at Blackburn, we are now proud holders of the record for the least points obtained in a Premier League season. So far we have 11 with one game to go. Sunderland who held the record, amassed a mere 15 a few years ago. Amateurs. What's more if we fail to score in our last game, we also take the least goals scored record off them as well. We play Reading, whom I think haven't scored for something like six games but need to win to stay up. Put your money on 0-0 and bye-bye Reading.

I get home to find that the kids have actually gone to their Father's overnight, which is a rarity. We celebrate by staying in, as we have the house to ourselves. Well that's actually only part of the reason. L has fetched my trusty steed from the bike shop, so it's game on for tomorrow. So it's a plate of pasta, one solitary tinny, lashings of one of L's brill puddings and an early night.

L's also bought me a special sports drink to aid sleep and recovery. It's not bad actually and just in case it works I make sure I get a move on talking advantage of the early night.

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