Friday, 16 May 2008

Avoiding Decapitation

I must be doing something right, fitness wise, because I'm capable of cycling in this morning and in a reasonable time too. The old legs are stiff after yesterdays world record time but not too bad.

Deathly silence greets me in the office. I fear I may be suddenly unpopular. The chap I ran with looks ok, well better than he did last night but says he has no intention of ever running that fast again. Another colleague just keeps shaking his head in disbelief. He says he'll never ever run with me. Another says she’s not running with any of us if she's going to be tailing in 10 minutes later after we’re all gone home. So I can't see me being invited on another run, any time soon. So, unfortunately, it's probably back to squash next week.

I get an email from 'Derby City Coucil- comitted to being an excellent Council', who's commitment to being an excellent council clearly does not extend to be committed to excellent spelling. They email me to invite me on '5 Miles To Fabulous'. It's a bike ride for women and accompanied children only. Which sounds like another pointless venture to me but if anyone's interested, here's a link.

I cycle home and after consulting the map, have another go at finding the cycle path through Spondon. I think I find it, although it's not signposted, obviously. The route sends me down a couple of footpaths that have some of those decapitation devices that are meant to deter cyclists. You know the ones, that if you don't get off your bike and crawl under them, they take your arm clean off at the shoulder.

More problems with cyclists back in Wollaton. I get stuck behind a couple of oldies (about my age), who are cycling along in the middle of the road, it's a minor road, with earphones on. They hadn't a clue that I was behind them struggling to get past. Doubt they would have noticed if I was a ten tonne lorry either.

After catching up with L and disposing of my lycra, we head off down the local, where Doggo again tries to savage the pub dog and we hit the Supremes. Back home for Jools, where the rather wonderful Glasvegas are among the guests. We have tickets for when they come to Derby next month. L's fallen for another of my recommendations and she even uses their music for her core stability sessions in the gym. Whatever they may be.

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