Monday, 12 May 2008


Exams all round this morning. Son is up early(ish) for his and even gives me an intelligible ‘good morning’, so perhaps he got an early night for once. I drop Daughter off at school on the way to work.

11.30 Son is home and back from his exam. It seems to have gone well. He says he answered every question. Correctly I hope.

11.50 Daughter is back from hers. It 'wasn't bad' which presumably is better than 'was bad' but not as good as 'was good'.

We have a new kettle. £4.50 from Sainsbury’s Basics range. Which is where they sell all the tomatoes that weren't round enough to be classed as real tomatoes. Makes you wonder what's wrong with the kettle, we haven't found out yet.

At dog class we dabble with a hellishly difficult course. Which takes us so long to set up, walk and discuss, that we have barely enough time to do a couple of runs on it.

The A52 closed so I have to take the long way home which means I get plenty of chance to listen to the League One play-off game. The 'underdogs' have won all the play-off games so far, so can Leeds break the sequence tonight? Err no. 2-0 down to Carlisle and heading for another season of games against Cheltenham, Leyton Orient etc etc; the jammy gits snatch a goal back five minutes into injury time. Makes for an interesting second leg on Thursday.

We're too late back to collect L from the 'evil' yoga, where L's had a hard night. She tells me all about it, as I offer my assistance with an impromptu warm down.

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