Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Good News About 'The Hill'

Like a lot of people at this time of the year I'm getting my summer clothes out of the wardrobe. In my case: - Summer socks, lightweight gloves, lycra cycling shorts, my new yellow 'Clumber' t-shirt, which is un-wearable at other times. Yep I'm on the bike today. Inspired by the sun I head up Ilkeston way and tackle the hills, for the first time since I was training for Hathersage last July. It's an excellent ride and no punctures. I knock two minutes off my best, so I must have been feeling fit.

There's some good news today about 'the hill'. Apparently the young are struggling to make it up the green side and the oldies are now clambering back over from the rocky side. Yep it's survey time. Apparently twice as many over 55's eat their 'five portions a day' and get sweaty doing the correct amount of exercise than the under 34's do. Consequently the young suffer twice as many colds, headaches and other ailments than do their elders. So it looks like the phrase 'over the hill’ may be redundant because the old folks are all going to be powering their way back over it, knocking off a couple of triathlons on the way. What the survey fails to mention is what the all important 34-55 age group are up to!

After cycling home, I elect not to take Doggo on the park, as it's hot and he's panting before we even leave. I destroy him in the garden instead.

Then my mate comes round and takes me out for a posh meal at Pizza Hut. I'm not kidding. Our local Pizza Hut has had a refit and gone all posh, well kind of. Regrettably the menu hasn't changed much, they still don't sell any beer and the food certainly hasn't improved. They do have a new selection of speciality pizzas for £13.49, such as a Mediterranean Meats Deluxe, which we quite fancy. It consists of Pepperoni, something called Spanish-inspired (note not actually Spanish) chorizo, smoked bacon and ham slices. Ok, so it isn't terribly Mediterranean.

The thing is we managed to recreate this delicacy under their five toppings for £12.99 option. So not only did we save 50p, every penny counts you know, we also got to add green peppers for free. So I think they've made a bit of a slip up with their menu.

Afterwards Salem Porter is on in Langtry's. Very nice, thank you very much. Entertainment is provided by a chap who arrives with two girls in tow and then astounds us by rifling through both their handbags while they're in the toilets. Its ok he tells us, when he see us looking, one of them is his girlfriend. In fact when they return, and he is still doing so, neither girl looks bothered. Open relationships eh!

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