Monday, 19 May 2008

Billy No Mates

Probably the only advantage of going in the car on a Monday is that I get to spend an extra half an hour in bed, which is always very welcome.

Daughter has a week of work experience this week, although quite what kind of experience that will be I'm not sure, as she's going back to her primary school and schools are hardly the real world. Mind you I doubt anyone there will be working as hard as she will be this week, and doing a paper round before work, then two more afterwards.

I head off for a go-faster haircut at lunchtime, although it's more to do with needing to be able to see, I need to know what the opposition looks like. I get straight in, so I still manage to get back for a quickie in Sainsbury’s, to source my lunches for the week.

It must be work experience week everywhere because I had some overzealous young work experience lad packing my bags for me. I think I proved a difficult customer for him; I let him do my packing but gave him precise instructions. Well I did need things for home in one bag and things for work in another bag. L says I'm a hard man. Well you have to be.

I really can't keep L out of Rock City at the moment, now she's gone and talked me into going to see the Guillemots. Although she seems concerned that she might be forcing me. Of course not and my decision has everything to do with their poppy recent single ‘Get Over It’ and nothing to do with the fact that I've seen pictures of the delightful Aristazabal Hawkes, now there's a name to conjure with.

Our Aristazabal is a multi-talented girl, who's equally happy bent over the keyboards or with a double bass between her legs. Look forward to it.

As expected, I'm not invited on the post-work run. Billy no mates.

In the evening L bikes to yoga and swims. As well as doing gym this morning, she's done four things today. All I've done is jog round a course with Doggo at dog class.

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