Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Life Is Generally Quicker Without A Dog

It's a bit chillier today but it's still a good bike in. L runs in to work, along the route we trialled at the weekend, presumably it was quicker without a dog in tow. Life is generally quicker when the dog is left at home.

Men, of course, are drawn to women's bottoms but a man in Venice has gone a bit too far and has been arrested for 'admiring' them. Police in St Mark's Square become suspicious when they realised he was only following women with short skirts. Gosh, if that's the only criteria for getting arrested then we're all in trouble. Would he have been ok if he'd followed women with long skirts as well?

Anyhow, it turns out he had a camera concealed in his holdall and Police later recovered more than 3,000 images of women's bottoms from his house, which is more than enough for anybody.

L tells me how her grandparents saved up a small amount of money every week on behalf of their grandchildren. L says she spent hers on contact lens while her brother put a payment down on a motorbike. This conjures up an image of Son atop a gleaming motorcycle, which didn’t seem right but then the image cleared and it was Daughter pulling a wheelie and powering off down the street doing her paper round... it doesn't bear thinking about.

Talking of Daughter, she's done an English exam today, in which she had to describe her home. She said it was scruffy in a nice way with added dog hairs, I think that's a compliment; I don't think she dared describe the state of her own room.

L's back at the evil yoga again this evening. She was contemplating doing a swim first, which I wouldn’t recommend because I’m intending to go myself tonight, so it’s bound to be totally manic.

Actually when I get there, the pool is fairly quiet, well two or three to a lane. The only problem I have is with two girls, one in my lane, one in the next lane, who insist on having a chat across the lane ropes as they swim along. Generally though, it's a decent swim and I get a bit carried away. Usually I get out at around 6.45 when the student psychos arrive but tonight they don't and it's 6.55 before I realise I've overran. The psychos are not even in the changing rooms.

I see L walking up to the leisure centre on my way home, so she obviously took my advice about the pool, wrong though it was, and I stop for a quick snog.

At dog class they compliment Doggo on his weaves and contacts, reckoning he'll do well when the team events come around. Ha, they won't say that when they see him cock it all up this weekend. Not only is life quicker without a dog, it's also a whole lot simpler.

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