Saturday, 31 May 2008

Almost Not Alcohol

A quiet day for us and a day off from competing. No dog show and no run, both are tomorrow, which is going to be interesting.

Instead I kind of do what normal people do and go shopping. First we went food shopping, although to our regular farm shop. Then I went into the city and tried to buy some 'stuff' but failed miserably. I just couldn't find a sports shop worthy of the name, so I didn't manage to get the new pair of running shorts that I was after. I even failed to get the things I wanted from the cycling shops I visited. So it's back to shopping on the internet.

Son goes off to visit his father, more a birthday present collecting trip rather than a social visit I believe but I could be being unfair. Daughter doesn't go, no presents to collect, so we don't quite get the house to ourselves.

I cook a non-spicy curry as we don’t want anything that might 'repeat' on us tomorrow. L cooks another sponge pudding, to complete the carbo-loading.

We're not quite AF. Two glasses of Rosé each, which, I suppose, is almost not alcohol.

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