Sunday, 3 August 2008

All Four Paws On Terra Firma

It's nice to wake up under canvas for once. Camping was something we used to do on at least a monthly basis but as the kids got older these things get more complicated. It's also nice to have a lay-in, that if you discount the twin distractions of dogs and Daughter.

When we've packed up the tents, we give Mini Doggo another first, his first beach with real live sea. Doggo has always loved the sea, I think MD will be a chip off the old block on that score but unlike Doggo, I reckon he'll be swimming before too long. Seven years on, Doggo still daren't take all four paws off terra firma. He's the only dog whose had to be rescued, several times, for going out of his depth.

We adjourn to a pub for lunch but again fail to obtain any draught Batemans, despite being within spitting distance of their home turf.

We head home and watch the first part of one of L's talking books but on DVD. This being 'South Riding' which appears to be set in the coastal area around Hull, which is oddly close to where we've been this weekend. The plot seems to be to show how local government affects the lives of people in the county. Sounds dull but L assures me it isn't. The first episode is a bit devoid of colour. Whether that's the 1970's production (it was made in 1974) or perhaps it's meant to reflect the grey 1930's period in which it is set, I'm not sure. L tells me it livens up. I'll let you know.

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