Monday, 4 August 2008

While The Cat Is Away The Mice Will Play

L's boss is away; and as the saying goes, while the cat is away the mice will play. So, she says she intends to roll into work around 10am and therefore doesn’t have to rush off to walk the dogs at 6am. Which is good and to my benefit.

I'm in the car and, as it's the school holidays, there's little or not traffic, so I can be laid back too. Just like the kids are in the mornings... one of which nearly lost their paper round today. When I popped in to the newsagent for a paper, one of the other lads, having already done his round, was eyeing up the two remaining undelivered piles of papers. By a process of elimination, I assume these were Son and Daughter's rounds.

Book wise, L has now finished the sleazy Magic Toyshop and has moved on to the equally bizarre and seedy Orlando by Virginia Wolfe.

We are on summer break from dog class, so in the evening I take both the dogs on the park with the football. I attach them together with the dual dog lead extension that L has just purchased. Doggo as usual tows me there and MD has little choice than to get carried along with him, dragged by the neck, a lot of the time with all his paws off the ground. He doesn't seem bothered.

Once at the park, he trots around with us chasing after Doggo and his ball. Occasionally chasing birds, not seeming to realise that he won't catch one but then again, I reckon one day he might, he seems so determined. I also have to restrain him from plunging into the lake.

On the way back Doggo is tired out, so MD is more than happy to set the pace. Every time Doggo tries to stop to lift his leg, he can't, because MD is still ploughing on homewards and pulls him off balance. Its one of our faster return journeys.

L has told me to walk MD's legs off so that we can get some peace that evening. However, I seem to have tired out the wrong dog. Doggo is shattered but MD, seemingly powered by Duracell's, is still going strong.

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