Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Dogs: They Don't Nip And They Don't Pull.

I cycle to work today, it's a bit damp but it's my only chance to get on the bike this week.

There's been quite a bit of fuss about that pedestrian that was killed by a cyclist, which obviously wasn't good, but figures have been released for accidents involving cyclists for the last year, which puts it in perspective. Last year 136 cyclists were killed by motor vehicles and 2,428 were seriously injured. The number of motorists and pedestrians killed by cyclists in the same period, just the one.

MD has been back on the park again this morning, with L. This time though he had to be carried back home. Too much park I think.

It's rains heavy on my way home and I have to strip off all my wet cycling gear when I get home and without the aid of my attractive assistant, who is at Pilates. MD enthusiastically steps in as her replacement. I have to chase him to get my socks back. L did say he'd been worn out chasing the vacuum cleaner but I can see no evidence of that. There's nothing for it, but to take him on the park again.

Oddly the moment MD gets home from a walk, any walk, he greets Doggo, appearing absolutely thrilled to see him. It appears he can barely bare to be parted from him, even when he hasn't been. Doggo has been there all the time on his walk with him. In return, Doggo usually growls and snaps at him but I think secretly, Doggo likes all the adoration. He just finds it a bit overpowering at times. I know the feeling mate.

Poor old MD, or Scrote as he's sometimes affectionately known. He's getting a bit of a reputation, particularly for nipping with his teeth. I think that's a rather unjustified criticism of the little treasure, he's only nipped me a couple of times since he's arrived.

L reckons, saying that MD doesn't nip is like saying that Doggo doesn't pull on his lead. Which incidentally, she says, he doesn't. Well not when he's out with her. She claims he's turned into a real treasure on the lead. Hmmm, it's a shame he doesn’t do this treasure business with me. Although it wasn't long ago, that she was walking with cheese in her pocket to get him to walk by her side. This apparently worked, briefly, until the cheese ran out. Not stupid these collies. Well, not all the time.

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