Thursday, 14 August 2008

As If It's A Normal Day

I have the next five days off work so would you believe that I'm up at 6am going to a pre-work Cardio Tennis session as if it's a normal day. Barmy. The session is good but not quite as hectic as last weeks and I prefer hectic but it's still good fun.

Then its home to take the dogs out. L joins us and we extend it via the library so L can get some more sleazy talking books out.

Finally with the dogs knackered and falling asleep we finally manage to get some quality time to ourselves.

As I said yesterday we have a five day break off work but first, this afternoon we’re due to accompany Son to get his AS results, of which we're not terribly optimistic. Then in the evening I'm playing proper tennis and I hope to get a new racquet first. One that won't make my arm ache and will hopefully keep the ball in court.

Then hopefully first thing Friday, we're off away camping for a long weekend, so I'm taking a short blog break.

Back soon.

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