Friday, 8 August 2008

The Big Picture

L's off work today, so I get some quality time first thing and then it's the turn of the 'bloody' pup, whom she cuddles on the bed. I'm sure I saw her kiss him; she's so inconsistent.

Barack Obama says that it's important to have time during the day when all you're do is think. Without that, he says, 'you lose the big picture'. Too many people, he says, skim the surface of life seldom reflecting on what any of it means... perhaps L is right, when I run, I should look at the view.

I'm on the Red Arrow and I put down my paper, pause my Ipod and 'reflect'. The rest of the passengers are staring fixatedly at their mobile phones, games gadgets, books, newspapers etc oblivious to the 'big picture' outside. Well ok, it's only the A52 but all the same, it has to be better than texting ROFL, GR8, etc to your mates.

I've had an email from the organisers of tonight's 10k, asking if 'all my training is complete and you're up for taking the University course apart with a personal best'. Hmmm, no. It'll more than likely take me apart.

After a fairly uneventful day at work, I get the Red Arrow again and then walk to the University. L joins me later with the dogs. I tie them to a tree, just the dogs not L. Doggo needs to be lashed down because he gets so excited. MD though, seems oblivious to everything that is going on.

Last year I recorded 41:23 and my target this time is to break 41:00, which is a minute outside my PB but it is a hilly course. I start near the front but let the nutters go on ahead and restrict myself to a sensible and steady pace, which rather than being sensible turns out to be totally pedestrian. My first kilometre is a tardy 4:16. Doesn't bode well but at least I'm enjoying it... I think. All the same I best get a move on. My times do improve so perhaps it was just the fact that almost the entire first kilometre was uphill. Plus I've also been taking L and Baracks's advice and admiring the big picture. A little.

The organisers have a cruel trick up their sleeves; they have moved the finish area. Apparently, the main University field is undergoing work to create a large play area. Is that wise, a play area among a student zone? Who thought of that one?

Anyhow, somehow, it now seems further to the finish and it's down a track so you can't see where the line is. Someone out sprints me on the run in, crosses the line and vomits. Serves him right. Was it really worth it?

I find a quiet corner for a lie down before staggering off to find the boys and my girl.

Afterwards we retire to the Stick and Pitcher pub with the two dogs. Where I learn that I haven't won anything, not even in the raffle for spot prizes.

We get home just after Son, who's been out at a BBQ and knocking back the cans of cider, apparently. He doesn't totter upstairs, so it couldn't have been that heavy a night.

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