Thursday, 28 August 2008

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

I have to make a big decision over transportation methods today due to very tired legs and making sure I have enough energy for tennis tonight. In the end I decide to bus and run, which after getting up late, not my fault, turns into more of a sprint, as I almost miss my connection with the R4.

The run in isn't too bad, I distract my aching legs by having Feeder's new album on at full volume. Good running music.

My bites are maturing nicely. I have one so big on my thigh, gained from cutting the lawn last night, that I can barely get my clothes on over it.

We manage to fit a pub lunch in today, the usual cottage pie and a rather nice porter. Sets me up nicely for tonight's match.

There were some interesting customers on the Red Arrow on the way home. There was this latex and plastic clad thing with red hair that I think was once a girl. She was probably once very attractive until somebody thoughtlessly stapled her mouth together. I assume it must have been the lad who was with her who did it, I'm sure he had his reasons. She probably talks too much.

She was very enamoured with him though, despite getting a good stapling. She sat devotedly twiddling his foot long goatee beard with a far away look in her eye. Young love eh.

Later, I just can't get going in the tennis and easily lose the first set but then just as I was winning the second my opponent collapses in a heap claiming he's injured. To be fair, he does actually look quite bad; it takes him ages to walk from the car to the pub after we have to abandon the game. It results in a longer than planned stay in the pub. As they, every cloud has a silver lining.

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